Thomasburg United

Our congregational home is located in the hamlet of Thomasburg, on the west side of Highway #37, 10 km south of Tweed,  122 Claire St., Thomasburg.

As a congregation, we have formally existed since 1856, initially as a Methodist congregation and then since 1925, as part of the United Church of Canada.

Over the years we have amalgamated with several other local congregations and in 1973, joined with Trinity United Church in Roslin to form the Roslin-Thomasburg Pastoral Charge.  We fall under the juridiction of Kente Presbytery which is in turn part of the Bay of Qunite Conference of the United Church of Canada.

We tend to be rural folk with simple tastes, open hearts and an informal approach to worship who value faith in Christ, family, friends and neighbours.

Please feel free to worship with us.  We would enjoy your presence.